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History Of Evans in Brownsville

The Clay Evans Scholarship Foundation, Inc. was founded in May of 1975, in Chicago, Illinois and Brownsville, Tennessee under the leadership of Reverend Dr. Clay Evans. Brownsville, Tennessee is the birthplace of Reverend Clay Evans.
The Clay Evans Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships each year in the states of Illinois and Tennessee.
The Scholarship Foundation was developed to provide awards and financial aid for average students with a GPA (grade point average) of 2.0 ( C ), an opportunity for average students to experience a higher education. The CE$F awards scholarships to students who have a desire and aptitude to succeed with limited resources. The CE$F provides financial assistance to college students throughout the year to supplement their collegiate finances. These funds have assisted many young men and women with many needed resources to continue their education.

Our History

The CE$F has given over $150,000.00 in scholarships and financial assistance since its inception. The recipients have been talented, dedicated, young Christians, who are financially disadvantaged at that particular time in their life , and who are not scholars at the top of their class. They are young people who want to succeed despite their environmental circumstances.
They are actively involved in their respective churches. Many of the recipients of the CE$F exceed in completing their education, and accomplish their various goals. Many have become ministers, practicing attorneys in various fields, certified public accountants, teachers, social workers, business managers, optometrist, dentist, chemists, song writers, musicians, licensed electricians, realtors, nurses, and licensed labor tradesmen.
Over time the Clay Evans Scholarship Foundation has grown considerably. It continues to provide financial support to youth and young adults in Brownsville, Tennessee and Chicago, Illinois. Through the vision of our founder, Reverend Dr. Clay Evans on August 2, 2003, a National Board of Directors was established encompassing officers from both Tennessee and Illinois. It was at this time the Clay Evans $cholarship Fund was renamed The Clay Evans Scholarship Foundation.

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