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A Message From Our Founder

It Is No Secret What God Can Do 
Dear Friend and Supporter:
Prior to 1975, as Pastor of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, I believed in supporting young people seeking a college education. Therefore, in May of 1975, the Clay Evans $cholarship Fund, presently known as the CE$Foundation, was organized.
Today, we continue to follow my desire to help the “C” average student. The cost of a college education is escalating at a rapid increase of nine per cent (9%) and higher. Many colleges are out of the financial reach of the average student. So as you may imagine, resources are limited for the “C” student, when compared to the 3.7 Grade Point Average or “B” average and above student. This makes our challenge to aid the average student desiring to further his/her education, even more pressing.
As a supporter for many years, you have given the CE$F your support during critical times. I continue to seek your support at this time, as it is of the utmost and vital importance. THANKS TO YOU, and with your help, we have been able to award 5 Scholarships and 7 to 10 Financial Aid Awards each year. THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOU AND YOUR SUPPORT!
For this reason, I am so very appreciative and thankful to you. It is also with this thought in mind that I continue to ask you to again, remember us with your financial donations. Please help us to maintain, or possibly surpass our past record of scholarship and financial aid awards, but more importantly, help us to educate a student who might otherwise not have an opportunity to do so.

Reverend Dr. Clay Evans
Founder and CEO






Michael Evans                                                                        Dorothy McReynolds


Project Coordinators

Helen Warren

Everett Edwards

Associate Members


                               Johnny Johnson

                                     Rev. Darrell Phillips

                                     Margeaux McReynolds

Johnny Johnson

          Burnadette  Thompkins

          Betty Pulliam      

          Anthony 'Tony' Rodgers

          Rev. Darrel Phillips

          Angela LaCruise

          Eugene Smith     

          R. Everett Edwards




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